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  • Kelly's Spotless Cleaning is amazing! I have had her clean for me for about a year now, ever since I moved into my new home. Her and her team make my living room, kitchen, dining room and bathrooms sparkle! Her attention to detail is amazing and she's even given me tips on how to keep up with cleaning some tough surfaces. I love her attitude and she always finishes the job in a timely manner. I pay Kelly ahead of time every month because I know I can trust her work no matter what, she is definitely worth it. I also give a tip any chance I can, they deserve it for working so hard. I would honestly recommend Kelly's Spotless Cleaning to anyone who needs a cleaner for any reason; could be a clean out or just to help keep up around the house.

    Tamara S.
    Andover, CT
  • I have had Kelly for 3years now and she is really good and worth the money. If you are looking for someone who does it right the first time I definetly 100% recommend you have her. I have had a lot of cleaners in the past and no one has come close to her. Thanks Anthony.

    Anthony F.
  • Kelly is an amazing cleaner she is very thorough and detailed I have had her now for 3 years and have had many cleaners before her and no one has came close to her work. She has always stayed consistent with the job. And if this tells you anything I pay her monthly a head of time cause i trust her cleaning and never had a complaint. If you are looking for someone that is worth your money she definitely is. You will not regret having her as your cleaner. Thanks Kelly you are greatly appreciated.

  • Kelly and Tam did an amazing job on cleaning my apartment for move-out inspection! Kelly give you great deal and no hidden fees or prolong hours! They are really nice and very good at what they do! I am on a budget so they accommodate my needs to go over every corners of my apartment by my desire time, which helped me spend less. Their work are phenomenal, check the before and after pictures to see for yourself. No matter is the sticky greasy in the kitchen, dust around the house, or the disgusting bathroom besmirched surface, Kelly got it cleannnnn! 100/100 I will definitely recommend Kelly to anyone who need routine cleaning or move-out cleaning.

    Junbo H.
    Willington, CT
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